Thursday, February 5, 2009

Friends Forever

Dear Friend,

I could never enjoy the simple
pleasures of
life the way i do with you and just want to tell you

I need you

Good Friend like you....

Make this world a brighter and a happier place.

You are really a pleasure to know and your timely presence and appreciation, are always admired.

Have a joyous life.


You are Fun to be with-

With you I enjoy each and every moment

because you make them all so colorful & happy-

Thank you for Being my Friend...

It's easy to take our friendship and each other for granted-

to forget what life would be like,

without each other to laugh with,

to be with, to care about...

But whenever i slow down and give our friendship a thought,

i still feel that....It's one of the finest relationship I have and

I still see the same sentiment reflecting in you!

You're My Friend for Life!

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